​The Forgotten Papua: Children and Representation in Garin Nugroho’sBirdman’s Tale (2002).
by Satrya Wibawa

Wibawa Forgotten Papua RF V10I1 FA2019.pdf 

Old Age, Death, Birth and Rebirth in Rivka Miriam’s Children's Stories
by Nitsa Dori

Dori Old Age Birth RF V10 I1 FA2019.pdf

Son of God – The Image of God in the Eyes of a Child

by Rina Mazouz Pichon

Pichon Son of God RF V10 I1 FA2019.pdf

Documentary Play: Approaching the Staging of Children’s Performance in Documentaries as Play
by Ryan Bowles Eagle
Bowles Eagle Documentary Play RF V10 I1 FA2019.pdf


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