Dr. Seuss's Anti-Nazi Parables
by Mark I. West

West Dr. Seuss v6i2.pdf

Idioms of Development, Work of Pedagogy: Two Hindi Films
by Aryak Guha


Broken Up and Inside Out: Theorizing Subjectivity in Children Seeking Asylum Through Close Reading of Two Novels-in-Verse about the Vietnam War
by Sandra Cox

Cox Inside Out V6I2.pdf

An Unlikely Parallel: The Tensions Surrounding Children and Citizenship During the Americanization Era
by Kate White

White Unlikely Parallel V6I2.pdf

Ethnic Representation in Canadian Primary English Textbooks
by Cherylynn Bassani

Bassani Ethnic Representation V6)2.pdf

​Do Robots Dream of Electric Sheep?: Robot Dreams as Children's Graphic Medicine
by Karly Marie Grice


Pictures and Colors: Contemporary Wonderlands, Design Aesthetics, and the Construction of the Child Reader
by Rebecca Ciezarek

Ciezarek Wonderlands V6i2.pdf


Contributors v6i2.pdf


Red Feather Journal:

An International Journal of Children in Popular Culture

​Volume 6 Issue 2 Fall 2015