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Red Feather Journal:​

an International Journal of Children in Popular Culture

“Neutrons? They trigger the atom bomb, don’t they?”: Nationalism and Masculine Spaces within Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
by Kyle Robert McMillen, The University of California, Riverside

RF McMillen Atomic Bomb v7i2 FA16.pdf

Speaking Out: Representations of Childhood and Sexual Abuse in the Media, Memoir and Public Inquiries
by Katie Wright, La Trobe University 

RF Wright Speaking Out v7i2 FA16.pdf

The Right One or the Wrong One?: Configurations of Child Sexuality in the Cinematic Vampire
by Simon Bacon, independent researcher

RF Bacon The Right One v7i2 FA16.pdf


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"Blue Hats" Cover Image courtesy of Donato di Camillo photography

Volume 7 Issue 2  Fall 2016