​A Touch of Color: Family-Friendly Integration in Late 1960s TV
by Caryn Murphy

Murphy Touch of Color RF V9i1 SP2018.pdf

Diversifying the children in Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory:  From Page to Screen
by Adrian Schober

Schober Dahl Charlie and the Chocolate Factory RFv9i1 SP2018.pdf

Building Bridges in Marie Arana’s American Chica:  Two Worlds, One Childhood
by Danielle French
French Building Bridges RF V9i1 SP2018.pdf

Texas School of the Deaf: A Photo Essay

by An Chih Cheng

Cheng Photo Essay V9i1 SP2018.pdf

​A Comparative Study on the Construction of Masculinity in Mountain Called Me (Iran 1992) and Flour Babies (UK 1992)
by Raziyeh Javanmard

Javanmard Mountain & Flour V9i1 RF SP18.pdf


Contributors RF V9i1 SP2018.pdf

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